Happily Ever After ~ Irvine, CA

10/27/2015 08:15:00 PM

On October 17th, 2015, Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography headed to Orange County, California to photograph one of the most cohesive and flawless weddings of which we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Eric and Allison, here's to you both for being an amazing couple and two very sweet people, and if this perfect day was any indicator as to how healthy your marriage will be, we expect to take both of your pictures long into the future. By the way, we are excellent newborn photographers! And families, here's to you all for coming together on Eric and Allison's special day, and modeling exactly what the term "family" should look like.

Hair: TBA Make-up: TBA
Flowers & Arrangements: Melissa McGowan at Flowers by Cina
DJ: Paul Carganilla with Fedora DJ.com
Wedding Planners: Katie Reynolds and BlaineHarrison Lyeria
Katie recently started a Princess Party Business called Orange County Royalty.

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