Happily Ever After ~ Redding CA

9/06/2015 09:30:00 PM

Sherie, a truly amazing woman, full of strength and love, was in an accident over ten years ago which left her paraplegic. A struggle for recovery began which would last for what would seem to be a lifetime. During this trial Sherie's hope dwindled, as joy began to fade, and became only a remnant of what Sherie once knew to be life. It is in our darkest hours that the light of God shines the brightest. After many years of recovery, and a plethora of major surgeries, Sherie met Steve. We were never created to be alone, or feel alone, and at this crucial moment, with all the weight of the world, the loss, and the despair, crushing Sherie's heart, Steve became a very faithful friend. Steve was God's little light in Sherie's darkest days. This little light would grow, over the course of 16 years, into a blazing fire and the two loving arms which would hold, comfort, and cherish Sherie for all of her days.

Sometimes we need a reminder of what this life is truly about.

Please don't wait to read Sherie's incredible story of courage, love, and the strength to overcome.

Please CLICK HERE to read!

*** WARNING, this story may change your life. ***

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