Happily Ever After ~ Fort Bragg, CA

9/22/2015 09:44:00 PM

Everyone is looking for that fairy tale meeting. Maybe like hitting your future husband with your car as inspired by that famous scene from Back to the Future. Well, Chase and Shara's fairy tale began exactly that way! They definitely have a Back to the Future inspired love. Both Shara and Chase attended Woodland High School and during their senior year Chase decided to attract the woman of his dreams by sauntering in front of her car. Shara decided to give Chase a little nudge, and ended up knocking him down. Chase took it like a man and did what any man would do in this situation; he asked her to prom. The rest was history. This past Saturday marked the next step in their adventure together. This beautiful couple said their I-do's in Fort Bragg, CA. Thank you for letting us be an important part of your special day. Enjoy your preview and we look forward to capturing more memories of the two of you in the future. 

Hair: Erin Schneider, Woodland, CA Make-up: Brooke Murray, Sydney, Australia (friend of the brides)
Flowers: Mendocino Village
Flower Arrangements: Shawn Kramer, Sacramento, CA (friend of the brides)
Tent Rental and equipment: Matt Rowland Events, Mendocino, CA

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