Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks: Must-Have Photos!

5/05/2015 09:41:00 PM

With all the excitement and stress associated with your wedding day, there are some images that you may not think of as important. I have found that, soon after the wedding, brides wish they had asked me to take this shot or that pose. To avoid after-wedding photo regret, here are some images you thought you might not want, but probably will!

Just Hanging Around!
A pre-dance floor dress is the perfect memory to capture. A personalized-hanger and/or clever backdrop 
will also make this image. 

Stop and Smell the Flowers!
This is a must! Unless you have a bouquet that will last forever this special bundle will soon wither away. The best way to keep it's beautiful color is through an image only your photographer can capture. 

Forget the "Say Cheese"!
No one looks amazing in stiff and stuffy formal portraits - make sure that your photographer captures a few candid moments with everyone being themselves. 

Location Location Location!
This is an awesome one for those of you having a destination wedding. Make sure to think about your wedding destination: Is there a notable landmark? Also, attaching fun props to your wedding theme is a great idea as well.

Intimate Moment with the Man of the Day!
Always make sure to have the photographer capture a few amazing moments with your new husband! 

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