Look Who's Two ~ San Juan Capistrano

4/01/2015 10:13:00 PM

Little Miss Riley is turning two! It's been very exciting these past two years having the opportunity to see Riley grow! She is getting so big! This past Friday, we were afforded the opportunity once again to take some beautiful photographs in one of our favorite locations in all of Orange County, California: the Railroad Station in San Juan Capistrano! It was so cute to see Riley reminiscing about times when she had taken photos with Kelly Lynn Photography. Riley reminded all of us of all the fun we always had at the Railroad station. This little "20" year old reminded us about previous photo shoots when she had kissed Kelly Lynn's pregnant belly, and how she loved spending time with, what she calls her, "est ends," baby Abby (Kelly Lynn's 4 month old daughter), and "Atrick" (Patrick, Kelly Lynn's husband).

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