Let's Go Party ~ Woodland, CA

4/07/2015 04:20:00 PM

The prom is the biggest highlight of the Senior and Junior years of High School. It is at this time in which students get to trade in their t-shirts and skinny jeans, repetitive school corridors, and monochromatic lifestyles, get to dress to the 9's, show their date what they got on the dance floor, and pretend to be...Bond, James Bond. We met Matthew and his mom at Bellisima Bridal Boutique in Woodland, CA and were highly impressed by Matthew's transformation from mild-mannered youth into a sleek looking international spy. This guy cleans up nice and has the added charisma to boot (modeling career?). We were able take some great photographs with Matthew in downtown Woodland, CA, and we think you will be as impressed as we were!

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