Our Photographers: Meet Chelsea Lyn

3/15/2015 09:25:00 PM

We meet Chelsea back in 2010. Chelsea has a skilled hand at Graphics Design which is what she has her degree in from Azusa Pacific. Chelsea takes that trained graphics eye and places them in her photography. Here are some fun images we recently captured of Chelsea along with some get to know you better questions:

Q. Why do you feel like photography is a passion for you?
A. I love capturing a special moment in time and putting an artistic spin to it.  I believe creating something that will both make a lasting memory and document your life is beautiful.

Q. If you could photograph anywhere where would it be?
A. I would actually pick three places that I find just beautiful.  First of all, on top of a snow white mountain is both beautiful and breathtaking.  Second would be Ireland, where its beautiful and green all the time. Although I hear it rains a lot.  Finally, a fun tropical place, most likely an island.  All those beautiful colors and foliage wouldn't be anything but spectacular.

Q. What is your favorite image that you have captured and why?
A. Well that is a really tough question.  And I am going to turn it on you and tell you what my favorite thing is to photograph  instead and that would be children.  I have always loved working with children, but to be able to make a child smile and capture that moment is more than rewarding.  I mean you could not ask for a more perfect subject, a child really represents all the joy, innocence and utter content with life that we adults all wish to still attain.

Q. Where has been your favorite location to photograph and why?
A. My favorite location would be at a hospital for birthing pictures. One cannot explain such a perfect moments and feelings one has after their child is born. Only a single image can capture it and share all of your emotions.

Q.  What's your favorite part about working with Kelly Lynn?
A. I have always loved being creative and being able to work with Kelly Lynn. I have the creative freedom to one minute be doing edits, the next doing some graphic design save the dates, and then I am photographing or posing.  She promotes freedom of creativity and growth.  Not only that she creates lasting moments that are beautiful, artist, and what the client is looking for.  She really goes out of her way to make her clients feel comfortable and give them a chance to share their ideas as well, so she may better serve each of her clients.

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