Orange County | Los Angeles | San Diego Photographer ~ ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW CLIENT VIEWING

8/30/2013 02:04:00 PM

We are updating our client view system. The views images and purchasing will be a lot user friendly. All current past, present and future clients these changes will begin in the next two business days. 

The new client interface will continue to evolve and improve. Here is a new added  feature that will make it easier for your and guests to organize their favorite images.
  1. Now, when they click the Star in the upper-left corner of a photo, it will be added to their Favorites folder immediately.
  2. They can filter the gallery by their Favorites folder to see all their favorite images in one place.
  3. If they change their mind, they can simply un-star a photo to remove it from their Favorites. In the photographer portal, you’ll be able to see which images your clients have marked as favorites.
This feature replaces the 5-star “rating” system that had appeared in the new interface up to this point. If a client or guest previously used the 5-star “rating” feature to rate photos, we have preserved their work by placing those images in folders named “5 

Stars,” “4 Stars” and so forth. They can view these folders to see the photos they recently rated. We will email users to notify them of this update shortly after the feature takes effect. 

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