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11/09/2012 12:14:00 PM

Have you had trouble seeing the world because your bangs are covering your eyes?  Are friends laughing behind your back at the way your hair stands up on end?

There are many cool and unique ways to help out the less fortunate this upcoming holiday season.  There’s the usual smiling, bell ringing, money in a bucket method.  There’s the Angel Tree technique.  There’s the donating a turkey or two at the food bank style.

But what about helping out by doing what you would do anyway?  Get a haircut and donate to a good cause!

Mercy Warehouse distributes food and goods to those in need.  While there are some people who need that little extra boost all year end, it is especially crucial during the winter months when the weather makes it harder to keep warm and healthy.  White Sands and their crew will be styling and cutting hair and donating the whole amount (yep, that’s 100%) to Mercy Warehouse to help those who need it the most.

Get a haircut………help feed a family!

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