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10/10/2012 05:34:00 PM

What to do the day before the Wedding

In an ideal world, the day before your wedding would be a day of rest. You will have chosen a reception center that provides a full range of services, including coordination and catering, and all your vendors will have their orders and be under the direction of your wedding consultant. The rehearsal dinner will be ready to go without a single hitch, and there is nothing to do but pamper yourself and sleep late as you head into the big day.

No matter how much you plan, however, this scenario isn’t likely to be entirely true. That’s because even if everything is in order and taken care of and ready to go, those last-minute worries are sure to get hold of you!

One of the best ways to avoid taxing yourself on the day before your wedding is to plan this day as your own personal preparation time. That way, you can tick things off your wedding checklist while also enjoying a slower-paced day of reflection. Here’s what I suggest:

-Have your wedding gown pressed: This can be done the day before your wedding or in the week leading up to it. Depending on how close to the big day you want to do a last-minute try on, it can be a good idea to save the pressing for last. Then you can hang the gown in your bedroom, where it will remain safe and ready to go.

-Contact your coordinator, just once: Do this in the morning. Call your coordinator and go over any last-minute concerns or preparations. Then try to put the phone away and let things take care of themselves. If you simply can’t stay out of the last-minute details, ask your mother or maid of honor to check in for you.

-Confirm any vendors or details: Things like hotel reservations, your limousine pickup service, and delivery times can be confirmed today, if you need. This is one of those tasks that could be handed over to someone else, but if it calms your nerves to participate, go ahead and make the confirmation calls.

-Get a mani-pedi: Even if you’re not going for full acrylic nails for the big day, it’s a good idea to get a simple manicure and pedicure. Not only can you get a professional polish and finish, but spas are designed to relax you. Make the appointment with your bridesmaids or with your mother and grandmother to make it an entire experience.

-Pack and have everything ready to go: From your makeup and shoes to a button-up shirt for getting ready in the morning, you should double-check to make sure everything is ready to go for tomorrow. You can also use this time to pack for the honeymoon if you have one planned for immediately after the wedding.

-Go for a run or to a movie: If anticipation is causing you additional stress, it’s a good idea to fill your day with a normal activity. A quick run in the park or a movie with your bridesmaids can be a great way to get your mind off things for a little while. Any activity that isn’t wedding-related can work for this step.

Of course, the most important bit of advice is to go to bed early and do your best to get a good night’s rest. If you’ve planned your wedding at a great reception venue, most of the heavy lifting is being done for you, so all you need to do the day before the wedding is step back, relax, and prepare to enjoy a day that is all about you and the love of your life!

Happy Planning Ladies!


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