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Wedding Favor Ideas
Most of the wedding receptions follow the traditional customs. Brides arrive decked out in white satin and lace. Guests arrive to offer congratulations, good wishes and enjoy a tasteful buffet and a piece of wedding cake. Family members offer their love and support in every way they know how.
Many couples also offer wedding favors to their guests as they leave. This custom, which dates back hundreds of years, is a nice and elegant touch that gives people something to remember the event by. Traditional offerings include engraved items or anything with the monogram of the new couple. Bags of treats or flowers seeds are also fairly common.

While your wedding favors don’t have to be extravagant or out-of-the-ordinary, it can be fun to add your own touch to this part of the wedding plans. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars or put in the time, here are a few unique wedding favor ideas you can incorporate into your big day.
-Photo Booth
Photo booths have been growing in popularity in recent years—and with good reason. Allowing your guests to have their photos snapped in a rented booth adds quite a bit of fun and whimsy, and you can usually have duplicates of each photo taken so both you and the guest have a keepsake.

-Other Rentals
Don’t stop at a photo booth. There are many kinds of professionals you can hire to “perform” at your wedding. A henna artist who applies tattoos, a palm reader, or a balloon artist can all create fun keepsakes to those who want to participate. (These tend to work best with carnival theme weddings in keeping with the atmosphere.)

-Private-Label Beverages
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wine and beer drinker or if you want to go for the more family-friendly soda or even water, it can be really fun to have a local beverage company repackage their product with a personalized wedding label (you can also buy your own peel-and-stick labels).

-Monogramed Wedding Favors
If you can put your picture or name on it, it can make a quirky wedding favor. Mousepads, lighters, matchbooks, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, or even gadgets like a flashlight or USB stick can all make a great favor for loved ones to take home.

Never overlook the power of sweet treats. Create your own “s’mores” kit or make a cookie recipe in a jar for each family. Fill personalized bags with chocolates or mints. Offer sample-sized extravagances like gourmet honey or maple syrup. Blend your own herbal tea. If it’s something you love, it’s appropriate to share with your guests (don’t forget allergy warnings, though).

You don’t have to provide wedding favors to have an elegant and enjoyable wedding, and many brides skip the stress of this part of the planning to focus on another task. If you do plan on offering something personalized and unique, though, be sure and plan early. You may need extra hands to help you package up those two hundred bundles of mints, and monogramming companies often need a few months’ notice to fill your order.
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