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9/06/2012 10:27:00 PM

 Wedding Flower Trends
Your wedding flowers say a lot about who you are as a couple—and they can also help push your wedding theme to the next level. Whether you’re going for simple bouquets for the bride and all her attendants, or if you’re decorating your entire reception center, flowers can make all the difference.
Flower trends, like all wedding trends, vary from year to year. Classic white roses are always in style, but some brides like to keep on top of what’s hot to make the most out of their day. I’ve done the research and discovered the hot 2012 wedding flower trends.

Black and white is always a nice way to have an elegant and upscale wedding, but did you know you can extend it to your bouquet? If you have a contemporary or retro vibe to your wedding, go for all white buds wrapped in black ribbon, or mix the blacks and whites together. This is one time when dark flowers can really work in a positive way.

It doesn’t get much more classic than a deep red bouquet of roses. While some brides feel red is too safe of a choice for a wedding, you can amp the drama by choosing several different shades of red or contrasting it with the popular monochrome trend. This can be a great way to incorporate red accessories, as well (think shoes or lipstick).
Make your bouquet sparkle by draping the handle with jewelry, spraying a sheen of glitter, or even affixing individual faux gemstones. Bouquets that have that added sparkle look especially elegant in the sun or under the dim lights of the reception chandelier.
Vintage Lace
Vintage bouquets tend to weather the test of time, and they routinely pop up on flower trend lists each year. Use French lace or other effects to give your bouquet an antique feel—you can even duplicate the look with a fascinator or other piece of bridal headgear up top.
Contrast and Color
If monochrome colors or quiet elegance isn’t your thing, go for bright pops of color in surprising shades like canary yellow or electric purple. These can look amazing next to a white bridal gown or backdrop and add a touch of modernity to an otherwise traditional wedding.
Going Green
No, I don’t mean picking green flowers and all leafy fronds. Eco-friendly looks are very popular right now, and you can skip the flowers to go for a more rustic, natural, and organic feel. Bamboo, twigs and leaves, contrasting foliage, and other renewable resources can make for a beautiful and unique centerpiece.
No matter what you choose for your wedding flowers, try to have fun with this part of the process. So much of wedding planning is stressful, and you’ll have plenty of details to agonize over. Let your wedding flowers be fun and really indicative of who you are as a couple—it’ll be worth it when you see the florals laid out and bringing the entire wedding package together.
Happy Planning Ladies

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