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8/22/2012 09:49:00 PM

How to plan a "Green" Wedding
If you want to save money and the planet while planning your wedding, you can opt for a “green” wedding. Using many of the eco-friendly techniques that have made their way into popular culture, you can create an event that not only showcases how unique you are, but how committed you are to preserving the world for future generations.
And with the right planning, you can also enjoy the kind of elegance that will have your guests talking about your wedding and reception for years.
One of the hallmarks of any green initiative is to cut back on the unnecessary items that put a strain on our environment. This might mean opting for a less elaborate wedding gown, serving finger foods instead of a five-course meal, or cutting back on waste (like multiple inserts in invitations). Make a list of everything included in your wedding and look for things that aren’t necessary, and you can eliminate quite a bit of waste.
Opt for Eco-Friendly Versions: 
Choose recyclable wedding invitations, a vintage wedding gown from a second-hand store, organic cuisine, or flower seeds as wedding favors. These small steps can make a big difference—and make your wedding unique.
Skip the Flowers:
 One of the biggest drains on the environment is the floral industry, which imports and exports specialty flowers from all over the world. By choosing a natural garden setting (like the one offered in a formal wedding reception center like ours), you can still enjoy fresh blooms and the beauty of nature.
Decorate Accordingly: 
One of the best things about “going green” is that there is an entire aesthetic that goes along with it. For weddings, we recommend opting for candles instead of artificial lighting, and incorporating organic linens, bamboo centerpieces, and other elegant touches.
Host the Event in One Location: 
Although there’s nothing wrong with having your wedding and reception in two locations, you can cut back on travel costs by having them both at the same venue. An elegant outdoor wedding in our formal garden and a reception by the light of candles in our ballroom are one of our favorite types of events.
For couples who are truly committed to going green, you can also make a grand gesture that has a big impact on the planet. Ask for donations to an environmental charity in place of wedding gifts, or calculate your wedding’s carbon footprint and make a financial gift to offset that mark in the days following your event.
It doesn’t matter if you make small gestures or grand ones—anything you do to give back to the earth is a great way to feel good about your wedding. And for many guests, it can mean the difference between just another reception and one that inspires them to do good in the world.
Happy Planning Ladies!

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