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7/26/2012 02:21:00 AM

Hello everyone!

Most wedding experts suggest you plan (and test) your wedding makeup weeks before the big day—and in different kinds of light. A wedding reception venue can run the range of dimly lit indoor spaces to the bright, beaming sun of the great outdoors, and it can be tricky to get your makeup on in a way that makes the most of both settings. Whether you plan for a change of makeup in the middle of your wedding, or if you want a low-key cosmetic approach that works in all types of light, here are a few tips for the perfect smile.

Great Materials: 
Now is not the time to find inexpensive makeup options or stick to a strict budget. On your wedding day, your makeup will be expected to hold up through tears, hugs, kisses, several meals, dancing, talking, and maybe even a piece of cake smushed into your face. Look for makeup that’s designed to be long-lasting, even though it tends to be a little pricier.

Try Out a Professional: 
This is one of the few times in your life when it makes sense to hire a professional makeup artist to make you look your best. If you do decide to splurge, make sure you try the person out first. Most makeup artists apply with a heavier hand than the average woman, so unless you make your wishes clear, you could end up looking overly-done and not like yourself.

Decide What You Want: 
Do you want to look like a touched-up version of yourself with just a hint of shimmer? Is this the one time in your life you finally feel ready to showcase bright red lips? Do you want something dramatic for the reception but simple for the wedding? Create a makeup plan of action—and remember that what looks good in 2012 might not make ideal wedding album photos in 2042.

Talk with Kelly and her team: 
Different makeups reflect light differently, and the extra flash might illuminate imperfections in your foundation application. Talk to Kelly ahead of time and on the big day (to see if you might need a touch up before the bulbs start flashing).

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute:
If you’re going to have any work done (facial treatments, plucking or shaping the brows, intensive acne treatments, or even trying a foundation for the first time), do it at least a week ahead of time. It can take the skin several days to adjust, and you don’t want a red or puffy look.

It’s also a good idea to plan your wedding makeup in keeping with the rest of your theme. If you have a Victorian-style reception center, go for understated elegance, which usually calls for a softer look. Or for a more upbeat, retro-style theme, complete it with forties-style pin-up glamour. Whatever your dream for the big day, there is a makeup that can get you the results you want.

Happy Planning Ladies!

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