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6/20/2012 06:02:00 PM

Hello Ladies,

As I have said before, my fiance Steve and I are planning a destination wedding for July 2014, so I have been busy searching for tips and ideas to make our wedding planning go smoothly. We had originally decided that we would get married at a beautiful church in Acapulco but I have been reading online about groups of kidnappers who target American weddings in Mexico, they bust in on the reception and kidnap who they can because they think as American's we all have money or that even if we don't, they know our families will do whatever it takes to get us back and get the randsom money however possible. Unfortunately this is not a rare thing, it happens a lot, and I am not willing to risk it. So now we are back to square one with choosing a new location, thankfully has a lot of info on different locations and a book called The Knot Guide To Destination Weddings, its description is "From the beaches of the Bahamas to the vineyards of Napa, The Knot breaks down the process of planning a destination wedding. This is your guide to the tips, tricks and top locations of wedding sites throughout the world. Written by our own Carley Roney."  Also there is a website called that is top notch! For a $50 deposit they start you out with a personal wedding planner who will do ALL the work from beginning to end all for FREE! How awesome is that?! The $50 deposit will actually go toward your wedding, so you really pay nothing and all the reviews online are wonderful. I will be using them so if anyone wants more info on how they work or wants to know more details on what they are doing for me feel free to ask!
I didn't think I would be using a planner till I found, I also thought it seemed too good to be true but after a lot of research I have found it is the real deal. If you are also planning a destination wedding I highly recommend getting a planner through, you won't be spending anything on it and it takes a TON of pressure and work off of your shoulders. They will find you all the best vendors at the location you choose, and do all the negotiating and booking for you, from what I have heard from them directly and read on reviews you will be in constant contact with your wedding planner through phone calls and email. I honestly don't see any down side, and they offer a wedding website for you and your fiance so your friends and family can keep up with all your planning!
Next week I will write about the top destination wedding planning tips.

Happy Planning Ladies!

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