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6/07/2012 09:02:00 AM

Hello Ladies,

Now that the date is set and the save the dates have been sent out it is time to chose your wedding party! It can be difficult to chose, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and a lot of the time friends and family just assume they will be asked, but because of budget, and because you don't want 20 bridesmaids, it's not always possible to include everyone. The most important piece of advice I can give is do what makes you happy, in the end if someone isn't picked and they are a true friend they will understand.

-Number of attendants.
Etiquette books suggest one usher per 50 quests but when it comes to bridesmaids it isn't very clear, except for the fact that 12 should be the limit (however, it is still your decision!) Think about the alter you will be standing on during the ceremony and try to chose what will look best aesthetically, and the same number of attendants on both sides always looks best.
Start by making a list of the people most important to you and your fiance, think of the people who you couldn't see having your wedding without. Be sure to think about your fiance, too, don't just assume that since he gets to chose his groomsmen that is enough, think about adding his sister or a close female family friend.

- Responsibilities
When choosing the maid if honor be sure to have someone who you know will be your right hand woman before AND on the day of the wedding. She should be willing to plan the bridal shower and help select the gowns and address invitations. The bridesmaids are there to help the maid of honor and the bride and typically pay for their own dresses and travel expenses. Also, decide what your expectations are and if they will have the time to participate and help with everything, that is very important since not everyone can afford to take out time from work or to be away from their families.

- Asking
When asking someone to participate, let them know that it is their choice. Also, be sure to lay out what you expect and if there is someone you can't imagine your day without and they can't commit to certain responsibilities because of financial constraints for example, let them know you can cover the costs or find a solution so they can still participate.

Good luck picking your wedding party, and hopefully everyone will help make this the wedding of your dreams!

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