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5/09/2012 05:34:00 AM

Hello Ladies,

  I hope last week’s timeline planner was helpful with starting your wedding plans! Now onto this week...

Steve and I got engaged on St Patrick’s Day this year, it was nothing over the top but none the less very special and meaningful to us. We are planning our wedding for July 30th 2014 in Acapulco, so we still have a long time till then and I feel like it will give us time to be prepared for marriage. We both take getting married very seriously especially since we have both been married before. We don’t want to get married and split up, so we are going to take our time. We started living together in late November 2011 when we moved to Nevada for Steve's work, and its not just us, my 2 year old son Antonio is with us too, him and Steve have gotten very close and Antonio see's him as a father figure. We feel like we have successfully blended into a happy family and marriage is the right thing for us. Unfortunately people we know have not been as optimistic about our marriage as we are. After we got engaged Steve changed his relationship status on Facebook and the first comment was not "Congrats" or "so happy for you two!” it was "Again? Well I hope this one lasts". It made me pretty upset, the person who posted the comment was an old acquaintance of Steve's so they had no idea what they were talking about, but it didn’t make it any less hurtful. I started feeling like having a wedding might be a little ridiculous, we both had small weddings with our first marriages so was it tacky for us to make a big deal and have another wedding? I felt like having been married before took away from this engagement and family and friends wouldn’t be so excited for us again. I told Steve how I was feeling and he told me that just because we did it before doesn’t take away from this wedding being special, if anything we both know exactly what we want and we want to do it right this time and anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t have to be a part of the happiest day of our lives. He made me realize that this is truly about celebrating us, we really want to get married and have a nice wedding for us and our close family and a few friends and that is why we decided on a destination wedding at the church of my dreams in Acapulco. So the best thing to do if a friend has a negative reaction is to listen to what they have to say, tell them you appreciate their friendship but you know what you are doing. On the other hand if the “friend” is just being negative out of jealousy or to be hurtful then you should reevaluate if they really are your real friend. If a parent or family member has a negative reaction it should be handled a little differently in my opinion, since your parents and family most likely only want the best for you their concerns will probably be are you rushing things? Is this the right person for you? Are you really looking at the big picture? Respond to their questions with patience and be calm about it, then tell them you appreciate their love and their support is very important to you and your fiancé, let them know you have made up your mind with your decision and you are sticking to it and as time goes by your commandment and love will show them you are doing the right thing.

Hopefully everyone is happy about your engagement, if not then you know how to handle it now!
Happy Planning Ladies!

XoX, Lucy

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