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5/30/2012 03:17:00 PM

   So, what's the deal with Save the Date cards and notices?

A Save the Date notification for your wedding guests has become common for destination weddings, weddings during holiday times, and weddings being held at certain locations that could have busier than usual tourist traffic at specific times, such as a popular beach area.  Notices aren't required, but can give your guests a heads up that timely travel arrangements may be needed.
If you do decide Save the Date cards are a good idea, six months before the ceremony is a good time to start spreading the word.  (Eight months before a destination wedding is best.)  This will give your guests lots of time to book their travel, save some money, and ask for time off of work.

Even if you choose formal invitations for the wedding itself, the Save the Date cards can be more imaginative or creative.  Use great photos of the two of you (like in Kelly's beautiful example seen here) or infuse the card with some of your personality.  Or take advantage of technology and make it an exciting video production!  If you have a special talent, try to use it.
How about if you are an artist?  Try a special short comic book telling your story as a couple.

Are you a reader of mystery novels?  How about using hidden code that can only be seen with special "red" glasses?

Are you a blogger?  Create a fake blog that you can print out and send.

Do you love to cook?  Create a special sauce or jam or goodie with a special stick on label with the information.

The sky's the use your creativity and create a notice that will make people sit up and take notice.

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