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5/02/2012 04:39:00 PM

  I hope you all enjoyed last weeks blog. Now we are going to get started with the real planning process. As I previously said, I will give you a timeline type list of tasks to do before the wedding. Although depending on your date and type of wedding, you may want to customize it to fit your needs. This list is pretty generic but has the main points, you can add on whatever you need!

Announce your intention to marry to BOTH sets of parents. Arrange to have them meet if they haven't already.
Determine type (formal, semi-formal, informal), style and theme of the wedding.
Make a list of what isimportant to you for your wedding; this will help you determine your budget.
Sit down with your fiance and ALL parents and discuss the wedding budget, and who will pay for what.
Get or make a wedding organizer (a 3 ring binder with pockets works great). Use it to store all your information, contracts, ideas, photos, etc.
Speak with your clergy/officiant and review synagogue/church requirements.
Come up with 2 or 3 possible wedding dates and start looking for ceremony and reception venues. If a venue you like is available on one of your chosen dates, book it immediately; many venues will often be booked up to 2 years in advance, so have several choices in mind beforehand in case they are already booked.
If you are using one, start looking for and book a wedding consultant.

Start looking for and interviewing all the remaining vendors:
Photographer (Kelly Lynn Photography), Videographer,  Caterer (if needed), Officiant (if needed), Florist
If any vendor you like is available on your date and is within your budget, book them IMMEDIATELY! Like reception and ceremony venues, many of these vendors can be booked up to a year in advance.
Together with your parents, begin compiling your preliminary guest list. You can always narrow down this list to fit within your size requirements and budget limitations at a later date.
Start getting ideas by looking through bridal magazines, going to Bridal Fairs and doing research on the internet.
Finalize your wedding colors, theme and style.
Select your attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl and ring bear) and ask them to honor you by being in your wedding. Make sure they are aware of what their "duties" are.
Choose and purchase your wedding rings.
Begin looking at honeymoon options. Discuss where you both would like to go, and if needed visit a travel agent.
Start looking for a wedding gown, veil, accessories and your attendants attire.

Start planning ceremony and reception music choices.
If you haven't already, finalize and purchase your wedding gown, veil, and accessories.
If you are having a prenuptial agreement, take care of that now.
Finalize attire for attendants.
Start pre-marriage counceling (if required)
Start looking at invitations.
Sign up for your gift registry
Send save-the-date cards/newsletter

Work with your florist and finalize your arrangements.
Place wedding announcement in local newspaper
Order wedding stationary (invitations, envelopes, programs, etc.)
Start shopping for bridal party tuxedos
Book limo/transportation
Start planning the wedding decorations
Arrange accommadations for out of town guests (book blocks of hotel rooms)
Select wedding cake (and Groom's cake if you are having one)
Start making arrangement for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
Book calligrapher
Decide on wedding favors
If you decided not to use a Wedding Coordinator, consider asking a close friend not in the wedding party to be your Wedding Coordinator/Personal Assistant.

Order your wedding cake and groom's cake
Meet with your officiant to discuss details of the ceremony
Finalize the guest list
Reconfirm the rehearsal dinner plans
Buy the cake knife, guest book, toasting glasses and garter
Choose gifts for your attendants, parents, helpers.
Have the male members of the wedding party, including fathers, fitted for tuxedos.
Reconfirm honeymoon arrangements.
Start writing your wedding vows, if you are doing them yourself.
Start addressing the invitations (or drop them off with calligrapher)

Send out invitations
Schedule a hair and make up consultation to do a trial run.
Start making/buying wedding favors
Obtain wedding license
Schedule your first wedding dress fitting.
Write thank you notes for any gifts that may start arriving.
If you are having one, begin putting together your ceremony program.
Meet with vendors (caterer, florists, etc.) to finalize arrangements.
If you are changing your name, complete the proper documents.
Finalize music selections for the ceremony and reception and turn them in to the DJ/Band/etc.
Have formal wedding portrait taken with Kelly Lynn Photography.
Finalize music selections for the ceremony and reception and turn them in to the DJ/Band/etc.
Meet with your officiant to finalize ceremony details.
Reserve room for wedding night.

Confirm honeymoon your reservations.
Meet with the Kelly Lynn photography team and/or videographer to discuss last minute details.
Start working on the reception seating chart.
Have final wedding gown fitting.
Arrange for a reception babysitter, if needed.
Finish (and print) the wedding program.
Finalize wedding vows
Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors as well as date, time, etc.
Pick up marriage license.

Finalize reception seating chart.
Confirm delivery time and locations with florist.
Contact any guests who did not respond to the invitation.

Pick up wedding gown, attendants' gowns and all accessories.
Give final guest count to reception venue/caterer.
Reconfirm everything with vendors one last time.
Make sure men get their final fitting for their tuxedos.

Attend rehearsal.
Attend rehearsal dinner.
Give attendants their gifts.
Have a manicure and/or a pedicure.
Put together the tip envelopes (for the vendors) and give them to the designated "tip person" (generally the best man).
Confirm wedding day transportation.
Reconfirm hair and make up appointments.
If you have access to the ceremony and/or reception venues, bring everything over there that you may need (decorations, guest book, etc).
Layout everything you need for the next day in a safe place (marriage license, dress, shoes, etc.).
Speak with everyone in the wedding party and make sure everyone knows where to be at what time.
Try to go to bed early and get some sleep.

Eat breakfast, even if you think you aren't hungry.
Share a private moment with your fiance.
Have your hair and makeup done.
Give the best man the groom's ring.
Begin dressing two hours before ceremony is scheduled to begin.
Spend a quiet moment looking at yourself in the mirror before you walk down the aisle.
Enjoy the special moment when you become Husband and Wife!
Have fun on you Honeymoon!
I know it seems like A LOT, but A LOT does go into your perfect day. Take each task slow and really take your tune so you can make sure to get it right, have what you love, and stay on budget.
I will add a BIG recommendation- go to and sign up, it will ask for your wedding date and will even customize your timeline task list based on how far your wedding is, it will also give you a wedding website to share with Family and Friends and give you links to vendors that fit your needs. has everything and is the #1 site I recommend.
Steve (my fiance and Kelly's brother) and I are planning a destination wedding for July 30th 2014, so our tasks and timeline will be different. I have yet to find a good destination wedding timeline that I love and would recommend but the second u do I will post it!
- Next week I will write about something more specific that pertains to me. Second weddings. Steve and I have both been married and the response we have had from "friends" about their opinions about us having a wedding has not been very nice. So next week I will talk about how to deal with negative reactions and doing what feels right for you and your fiance!!
Now, tackle the beginning tasks and Happy Planning Ladies!! 

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