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4/26/2012 12:10:00 PM

For several years now couples have been announcing (and learning!) the sex of their baby by throwing a gender reveal party for their family and friends.  The premise is to have the doctor or ultrasound technician place the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope.  You then take the envelope to a baker who bakes a cake with non-pink or blue frosting on the outside and blue or pink cake on the inside.  Once you cut into the cake, the gender of the baby is revealed!
While that sounds like fun, there are even more fun things you can plan for the evening to add to the excitement.
One idea is to post a large poster which is blue on one side and pink on the other in vertical columns.  Print a big "Old Wives' Tales" across the top.  Write in what Old Wives' Tales say about how you can tell if the pregnant woman is carrying a boy or girl.  As a group, sit and go through each one and compare to the pregnant guest of honor.  Check the appropriate column as you go.  At the end count the checks and decide if the tales show a baby boy or girl.  Do this before cutting the cake, of course!
Suggest guests wear pink or blue to show their guess.  Have some fun door prizes for those who guessed correctly.
Fill a large jar with both blue and pink jelly beans.  Ask the guests to guess how many pink beans and how many blue beans there are in the jar.  The closest guess to both wins!
There are many fun ways to celebrate this memorable event.  But the best thing is that, no matter how you reveal the baby's gender, 
there is a beautiful little human on the way who will enrich your life forever.

And make sure to have an amazing photographer capture the amazing memory!

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