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4/18/2012 06:11:00 PM

Most brides give importance to their beauty on their special day. Bridal dresses, bridal jewelry, bridal shoes, bridal hair style and most of all their bridal makeup. Take a look at the top 10 trending bridal make-ups:

1. Soft eye make up with bold lip color
2. Smoky eye make up with pink lips
3. Dramatic/bold eye make up with soft lip color
4. Golden make up
5. Red make up with sexy looks
6. Thick/dramatic eye lashes
7. Thick coats of mascara
8. Thick eye-liner
9. Golden highlighters
10. Make up according to dressing tone

Whichever style make up you choose just be sure that you apply a little more than your normal. So with portraits you will have great definition.

Be sure to check back on Fridays for our Wedding Vendor interviews. This Friday we will be interviewing one of our staff make-up artists. So that you are aware we provide packaged video, photo and make-up. We also many other amazing vendors that we can suggest.

Also we will be soon changing the format of Wedding Wednesdays. Not only will we be giving tips and tricks for your special day but we will also have some of our coming up brides write about the road to their weddings. Check back weekly!

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