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3/28/2012 02:34:00 PM

So here are a couple of great hair tips for your special day:
If you have your hair done on a regular basis such as dying, perming or treating make sure it have this one month prior to your wedding date. This will give your hair time to relax and look as natural as it can. Also, if there is a mistake of sorts this will allow you time to fix whatever issue may arise. This will also give you enough time to get a trim to neaten up your tresses and eliminate split ends.

On your wedding day, you want to make sure that you don't get your hair done too early in the day. For example, if you're going to have your hair pulled back your hair will have to be pulled tight so that it doesn't loosen through out the day. And we all know that when you pull your hair back too tight for long period of time your scalp you may start to hurt and you may get a headache. No fun for the bride!!

When shopping around for a stylist. Try consulting more than one stylist for a trial run so that you may find the best person for you. You traditional stylist may not be the perfect fit for you. Keep in mind wedding day styles are different from a cut and color. We aren't encouraging you not to ask them for a trial but keep in mind they might not have what you are looking for. Now some of you may decide to do your hair on your own. If you do this be sure to find a (HONEST) friend to give you their opinion.

Lastly, stay true to who you are. If you go over the top your guests will be sitting there wondering what happened to their friend. If you're the easy going type go for something loose and free flowing. Same goes for any personality type. Find something that best describes you.

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