Lots of Responses Have Come In & A Fun New Change...

10/24/2009 10:56:00 PM

I have had lots and lots of responses for the FREE Wedding Sessions. Thank you for all of your responses. I have selected a couple of winners. And I will be setting up engagements shoots with them in the next couple of months so be sure to look out for them.

After speaking with these brides, I have noticed that a lot of the reasons for responding to the post was mostly because of either the horrible economy or the horrendous amounts of money that go into planning your special day. So I have come up with a game plan for 2010. Instead of charging tons of money for different packages, I have decided to become strictly product based. What I mean by that is that instead of spending 1,000 dollars on my time for 8 hours, you can use that money instead to spend on products to remember your wedding day. There still will be a retainer to book me but most of the money will be focused on the products. I'm really excited to venture into this and see how successful it is. So do you have a wedding in 2010? The please email if you would like more details: [email protected]

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