Jenna and James....

10/25/2009 02:34:00 PM

Jenna and James have been dating for two and one half years. They both attended the University of Washington, meeting in the athletics department. I met them both when they responded to my FREE wedding session give away. When meeting them, I instantly knew that they would be a wonderful couple to work with. And now, I know I was right! I met up with Jenna and James first at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We had a blast in this marina like type setting except for one thing, THE PIGEONS!! They were following us everywhere, they must have really liked James. After getting some amazing photographs at the Aquarium we headed to an urban area of Downtown Long Beach and got a couple more. Take a Look!!

Jenna and James thanks for the GREAT morning full of LOVE!! I'm looking forward to your wedding on January 22, 2010!!

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