9/03/2008 04:13:00 PM

So life has been extremely busy lately and has forced me to fall behind in blogging.

Well here we go:
I just moved and am getting adjusted to this new area while taking trips to Sacramento to take pictures of the amazing Grover family (their pictures should posted shortly) to getting ready for a concert for Bullets and Octane tomorrow at the world famous Viper Room to the two weddings that I have coming up in October and November. All I have to say is busy busy busy!!

Plus next week it's Partner Con for photographers in LA and I'm excited to get the chance to see all of my photographer friends and catch up on the happenings with them.

Well there it is my life for the last two months in one short paragraph. Sounds like fun right!!

Well come back at check out the Grover family and the concert for Bullets and Octane.

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