Vive Las Vegas!!!

3/20/2008 04:42:00 PM

All I have to say is WOW...WOW..WOW!! So Josh and I went to the Wedding & Portrait Photographer International Convention and Tradeshow this past Sunday through Wednesday. Talk about taking in too much information, our first day there we were so overwhelmed with vendors and products we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We had to take a step back, take a minute and figure out what it was that we wanted to concentrate on. But after a long day of talking to vendors and people trying to sell us stuff we just wanted to go back to the hotel and chill for a bit, plus my feet hurt (mainly because I was blonde and wore heels, note to self never wear heels in Vegas). Then that night we enjoyed mingling with our fellow photographers at the Paris Hotel & Casino Club Risque.

Our second day we did the tradeshow a little more and then headed out to the strip to capture the essence to which is Vegas. There was so much to photograph and see. We ran into a few other photographers along the way, sneaking a peak at what they were up to. Rode the gondola in the Venetian and then headed over to Treasure Island to the Social House for the best sushi in Vegas. After all that walking, my feet were ready to go to bed.

The last day we were there we did some sight seeing and then more photography. Over all the entire trip went rather nicely. I do have to say that I'm glad to be away from all that dry air.

To fellow wedding and portrait photographers: please look into going to WPPI next year because it was well worth the money and time spent.

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