It's all about the "wedding favors"!!!

2/05/2008 10:04:00 PM

Wedding favors can very much enhance the overall theme of a wedding it is a nice idea to try to get a balance. And don’t forget, any favor can be personalized with a unique thank you note or a short poem on an elegant card.

Seasonal wedding favors are a fairly obvious theme. In winter you could give floating poinsettia candles or mini cherub ornaments. In fall you could wrap tulip bulbs in tulle and tie it with a ribbon to create a kind of home made sentimental potpourri. Spring could bring tiny glass ornaments or a personalized seed packet. And in Summer you could give elegant candles or brightly colored ribbons.

It makes very good sense to try to tie in your wedding favors with the overall theme of your wedding. Think about what the favors represent initially, and then consider things like color scheme. For example, if you have decided on a traditional white wedding, you could package the personalized candy wedding favors in a box that coordinates with the bridal dress, or give ribbons that match the color of your bouquet exactly.

What kind of wedding favors are you going to have?

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