And the Winner Is....

2/14/2008 07:29:00 PM

Dana LaRue

My story is a doozy!

The weekend of Hunter and my 5 year anniversary, he completely
surprised me with a trip to San Felipe, on the eastern coast of Baja
Mexico on the sea of Cortez. He thought of everything, from packing
everything I might need (and more) to making sure I got a manicure and
pedicure before we left, to getting Friday and Monday off from my bosses.
Best of all, I had no idea what was going on until 6am Friday morning,
when we were already on our way there!

It was such a beautiful, remote and peaceful place. Our hotel only had 3
rooms, and our room overlooked the pool which overlooked the sea and
mountains. It was a block from the beach, and a lazy 2 mile stroll into
town. Barely anyone spoke english, so we got to learn a lot of Spanish -
everything from ordering more margaritas to bartering for mexican wares in
the shopping bazaar district. The food was amazing, as were the friendly
folks that live there. We drank, dined and danced the nights away under a
sky full of stars on the gorgeous sea.

Saturday night, the 6th, Hunter took me to a secluded beach just before midnight,
with the bottle of wine he had arranged to have in our room upon arrival. They almost didn't let us on the beach, as it was closed, but in that moment, I magically knew enough spanish to say "Today is our 5 year anniversary. We would like to go to the beach and look at the stars. Its romantic" - It worked!
No one was around for miles and miles. At 12:00am it became Sunday, our
official anniversary, and at that moment he got down on his knee and
proposed! It was utterly magical. He designed the ring himself, with a
local Los Angeles jeweler, and its so beautiful! The whole thing was just
a fairy tale. Coming home on Monday was bittersweet - as hard as it was
to bid Adios to our romantic vacation, we were thrilled to get to come
home and share the news with all of our loved ones!

I waited 5 long years but it was all completely worth it. My prince charming.

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