Ten Things You Wanna Know About Wedding Dress Shopping!!!

1/09/2008 03:09:00 PM

1. Consider your wedding style, a simple cotton dress isn't going to work at a Saturday night ball.

2. Get a picture in mind, visualize your dress maybe even create a sketch that you can take with you to bridal shops.

3. Be open-minded, not to contradict what we just wrote above but it's important to try on at least one dress that isn't you think isn't something you ever thought you'd wear on your wedding day. It might end up being the gown of your dreams

4. Know your figure, Don't know which style dress is most likely to flatter your form?

5. Know which white is right for you, there are so many shades of white. You need to find out which shade compliments you best.

6. Think venue, what style appropriate for the venue you are using. You don't want to wear a low cut v-neck in the a house of worship do you?

7. Beware the impulse buy, don't buy a gown until you have tried them all. If it's meant for you you will get it.

8. Know your manufacturer, when you find a dress you like, check for the name of the manufacturer on the tag. This will help ensure that you're getting a quality garment.

9. Pick the right shops for you. You want an atmosphere that fits you, it will ensure that you will be the most relaxed.

10. HAVE FUN!! Remember you're the princess of the day.

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